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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  March 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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coverage of the aftermath of the snowstorm. delia goncalves is driving on ice and snow-covered streets afternoon downtown silver spring in montgomery county. >> nikki burdine is checking out the conditions in d.c. and vanessa herring is at reagan national airport looking at flight cancellations and delays as well. >> and the entire morning team is here to help you start your morning. howard and allyson will have the latest on these bone chilling temperatures. but -- >> the problem most of you will be dealing with is the roads today. we're going to start with larry miller and traffic. you have a long list. or at least you did. >> well and unfortunately right now it seems as if it's growing. we have a new problem on the bw parkway southbound near -- i believe 202. sky 9 is there where we have at least according to reports that we have is that we have seven cars involved in an accident right now. so we're looking at major delays in that area so if you're going to be heading out, you need to be careful and the thing that we've been hearing time and time again from not only the drivers on the roads but also from vdot and mdot and also ddot, is that if you can stay home, you should stay
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home. because the conditions out here are slippery and dangerous and in many areas, again this accident you can see here causing delays on the bw parkway. so it's not -- it's not your friend today unfortunately. we're also tracking another situation going on on the southbound side of 95 between u.s. 1 and occoquan. where the lanes multiple lanes closed there because of another situation involving a tractor- trailer and several cars. our traffic land camera there shows us that situation still going on at this hour. emergency crews as well as vdot on the scene right now. we got reports that tractor- trailers were just slipping off the road. i mean that's how icy the roads are at this point. and as we're going to hear from nikki and delia, you know you have to be careful because even in some cases you'll fall as you try to walk to your car. that's just how bad the situation is right now. we'll continue to on the more this story and of course we'll have updates for you coming you very shortly -- up very shortly. right now over to howard.
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actually i'll take it. thanks larry. a very cold start lots of snow yesterday and i know from my drive in not very many clear roads out there. it's very slippery. not a lot of melting anytime soon. we will see a little bit obviously afternoon. with some sunshine. you can see clear skies but temperatures are going to stay about 30, 32 degrees at best for the afternoon so the best we can hope for is that sun angle to help melt things but later on this evening just going to go right back down to single digits. 16 out there. record lows for baltimore and through dulles and temperatures are going to slowly get to the 30s but hey we have some sunshine to enjoy. howard will talk about a weekend warmup coming up. all right mike, andrea, back to you. stay home if you have the option. drive carefully if you do have to go out. seven car pileup. bw parkway tractor-trailers slipping off the roads. they are still ice packed. >> it's not going to change anytime soon because as our weather team tells us it's going to stick around freezing today. delia goncalves joins us live from montgomery county i believe she is in silver
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spring. good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning. yeah we are still here in silver spring. lots to talk about and lots to show you i should first tell you that montgomery county while we're sitting here at this red. montgomery county, just now two minutes ago lifted the snow emergency. and so that means you can park on the designated snow emergency ruths like georgia avenue. after -- routes like georgia avenue. after the morning rush hour. also means that you will no longer get a free ride so they're going to charge for parking as well. bus service is up and running, we've seen a lot of people coming out. standing at bus stops and heading over to the metro. so they're starting to get pack to work but thing -- back to work but things are far the normal here in montgomery county and in silver spring. even though the main streets are looking really great, you know, the side streets are very tricky. covered 234 ice and snow. -- in ice and snow. montgomery county highway services saying listen, we want residents to be patient with us. even though we may have made
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one pass in your neighborhood that doesn't mean the work is over yet. we will be back to make some more passes and in fact we've seen a lot of plow trucks in the area. and in those neighborhoods trying to dig out and de-ice. some of those streets. nikki mentioned stopping and starting obviously very hard for a lot of the cars. but ice whether you're walking, whether you're driving, is going to be an issue today as we see a plow truck kind of going through the neighborhood and the intersection dropping some salt. to folks who are getting back to normal operations i guess you can say? and hopefully get to their final destinations safely. back to you in the studio. >> all right thank you delia. getting back to normal is tricky in the district as well especially on those snow- covered ice packed side street. >> the sidewalks too, nikki burdine is live in northwest with a look at how things are after the freeze. federal workers are going in two hours late which means they are going in sidewalks are a priority this morning.
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nikki? >> reporter: exactly right. i want to start with the sidewalks here right off the connecticut avenue. that's the good news. good news is these sidewalks here, looking pretty good guys. there's a lot of salt here. the sidewalk is wet. so it could be slick. but right here right now, it is looking good and in fact we've seen a couple of joggers and people walking their dogs this morning and they've been moving along just fine. stepping off the sidewalk onto the side streets we are on cathedral off of connecticut. this is snow packed and this is a problem. and in fact no cars have been able to pass through on this very edge of the side street they've had to kind of stay in the middle of the road. and that is in spite of snow plows coming through. we've seen a lot of snow plows this morning. they have been dropping their plows and going back and forth here doing their best. but this is only so much they canscape down to the pavement. and even when they do get down to the pavement, i want you to take a look and see. this is again a side street but even when they get to the down pavement -- down to the pavement, it can be slushy and slick can then you get black ice.
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now i want to show you connecticut avenue. this is obviously a very well traveled road here early this morning. you can see pavement there. so that is looking much better than it was early this morning. snow plows have been going back and forth here and the more cars that come through here, the more that that snow is melting. however i want to caution you just -- caution you just because you see black top doesn't mean it's not slick stopping and starting is going to be difficult. cars wheels have been spinning out. so just give yourself a lot of extra time. speeding like that is not a good idea. we'll keep you updated here on conditions here in connecticut avenue and back to you in the studio. >> all right nikki thank you. it is 6:06 and more flights should be able to arrive and take off today but as always on days like this, call your airline before you leave home. >> thousands of flights were canceled yesterday during the storm. vanessa herring joins us live from reagan national with the look at how things are going this morning. good morning vanessa. >> reporter: good morning. and there's still a lot of sitting and waiting unfortunately going on here at reagan national airport. and i mean who really wants to be stuck at the airport on a
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friday? nobody. take a look behind me, lots of people are checking in with their airlines and also checking out that flight board before they head down to their terminals. it is day two of the delays and cancellations after yesterday's snowstorm here at the airport. 27 flights have been canceled today already and there are at least four flights that have been delayed and just a handful were boarding for takeoff at last check. the day is just getting started and you know what it could be a long one for the travelers here at the airport. yesterday hundreds of flights were delayed and canceled but the good news today is the runway is open. so hopefully some of the flights are going to be in the air later on today. if you are planning on flying out of here, dulles or bwi be sure to check the status of your flight online. back to you in the studio. federal agencies are opening two hours late today. as are quite a few local governments, public schools basically across the area are all closed. they're running at the bottom of the screen the closes and
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delays and it is very simple also to check it on the smart phone. just download the wusa9 app for free you can find it on google play and apple itunes stores of course. the man accused of fife shootings and three different maryland councils is in court today. >> a good snowfall in the district usually means one thing. a traditional snowball fight in dupont circle. it's really cool. we'll bring thaw coming up. and howard has the forecast before we head to break. >> right now dry or just solid ice. it's 7 in bull run a record- setting 121 in dulles and -- 1 # in dulles and 16 in town. i'm talking about a warming trend beginning this weekend. stick arnold, you're going to -- around, you're
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just about 6:11 on this frigid morning. you know it is going to be a cold day. but we're going to get a lot of healthing and especially even though we've got temperatures in some spots staying below freezing it's that sunshine. higher sun angle. roads will be better by midday. but please be careful morning and warmer temperatures over the weekend and next week, i think there's at least one day that's golfable and i'll tell you when that is when i see you in about five minutes. larry hiller happy friday. want to give you a quick update on metro this morning. there's some single tracking going on on the orange line between west falls church and vienna. again the bus is running on a moderate snow plan this morning. for those of you that are going to be heading out, realize that we still have a situation going on on the bw parkway southbound between maryland 410 and 202. sky 9 is in the air right now. giving us a live look at that situation going on. but delays significant. ice is real folks and take it easy. back to you. thank you larry. the man linked to five
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shootings and three different maryland counties is due in court today. hong young of beltsville is expected to ask an anne arundel county judge to set bail. the shootings happened at the nsa along the connector, outside a costco at the mall. at the wal-mart in laurel and at the amc theater at the columbia mall. police say young admitted to the shootings and he claims he was hearing voices which told him to shoot. the parents accused of leaving their young children in a cold car while they went to a wine tasting are also due in court today. christopher lucas and jenny chuck are charged with first degree -- chuck are charged with first degree cruelty to children. it was about 3 # degrees at the time when they were locked in the car. it really seems like this is is a tradition here at in d.c.. several hundred people gathered around the fountain for event -- fountain for the event. it was organized by something called the d.c. snowball fight
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association which is awesome. it seems more people ran out of snow than there were ready to admit because a lot of them were defenseless like our own nick giovanni who was in the last snowball fight. it is 6:13. federal investigators tried to determine what led to a plane accident in new york. >> and the greatest show on earth is about to become more animal friendly. we'll explain right after this.
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here's some things in the news at 6:15. the investigation begins into why a passenger jet skidded off the runway at laguardia airport yesterday during a snowstorm. >> just imagine how the passengers felt when that plane stopped just before it plunged into icy water of flushing bay. brian webb is at laguardia airport. >> reporter: crews moved the md- 88 from the crash site from its stops before plunging into -- it stopped before plunging into icy waters. >> the wheels didn't grab. they didn't take. and immediately you heard the spinning. we felt like we skidded probably for 20 seconds. i grabbed the seat in front of me and started to pray. >> reporter: thursday morning, in the middle of the snowstorm, delta flight 1086 from atlanta landed hard and almost immediately began skidding to the left. hitting an embankment and crashing through a fence. the plane left perched over the frigid waters of flushing bay.
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>> we have an aircraft off 31 on the north -- please advise crash rescue laguardia is closed at this time. >> reporter: airport officials say the runway had just been plowed and two other pilots reported the ruppway in good condition right before the crash. emergency crews arrived quickly but the evacuation was stalled because the emergency slides did not deploy. passengers could be seen sliding down a damaged wing of the plane. >> to see that you can come off after the plane -- off of the plane way to too up -- too upset about the landing or you can be grateful that you didn't get in the water and get wet. >> reporter: the airport was partially reopened by mid- afternoon. brian webb for cbs news, new york. >> chances are most of the passengers chose the -- to be grateful. at least six people were injured in the crash and none seriously though. he got out of plenty of narrow escapes as indiana jones and now in real life.
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actor harrison ford is in the hospital with head injuries and broken bones after crashing his plane on a california golf course. the plane crashed just after takeoff from santa monica airport. moments earlier, ford had radioed the tower to report engine trouble. >> the power went out and i went oh no. that's not good. and then he turned around and he backed really low. >> eyewitnesses mostly golfers say the plane clipped the top of a tree before coming to rest on the golf course. ford was alert and talking and paramedics were able to initiate care quickly. the greatest show on earth will soon be a circus outtell talents. ringling brothers and -- without elephants, ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus was the decision was made of years of outcry. the park is where they will take part in a breeding program designed to protect the endangered species. the actual end to the act will end by 2018 for the elephants.
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6:19. it is friday. a yellow alert morning. it's going to drop later on and howard is here to tell us when we're going to have that golfable weekend. >> well, weekend maybe a while. how about just one golf day? >> in the seven day forecast? >> yes. wednesday. wednesday. >> okay. >> start calling them golf claps. >> see if you can get a tee time on wednesday. call stuart and we're going to have sunset wednesday like 7:30. so you got -- you can go maybe work a half day and still go in the afternoon huh? how about that? this morning beautiful picture of the white house i want to share with you. they had about five, six inches of snow yesterday ask this morning. well that's just a -- that's like the christmas card scene right there. except it's march. it shouldn't be doing this. >> two lights on? >> they'll give it a few minutes. there'll a lot more coming on there. a little breeze still in town but some areas have seen the winds go dead calm and temperatures have dropped like a rock. about 34 for the high in d.c.. still though a bit of melting today thanks to the stronger march sun angle. 15 is record at dulles and 10
6:20 am
in martinsburg. 10 in washington. we've actually set records in martinsburg to 5 and dulles to bwi down to 10. new records and still time to fall. lot of cold air in pennsylvania. that came in with the storm yesterday. and this morning, boy we're still sitting look at this 0 in luray. 1 above in frederick. gaithersburg 7 and even southern maryland on the eastern shore looking at low to mid-teens that the hour. but thankfully the winds are light. at national, winds still up a bit. 13 out of the north-northwest and making it feel like 2. nothing significant headed our way except a warmup and weather- wise a couple of showers by tuesday. 34 today. tonight very cold again. potentially record-setting. single digits and teens. we begin the warmup tomorrow. mid 40s saturday. near 50 on sunday. and next week low 50s and monday and tuesday. and there's that golfable wednesday. where we cool down on thursday. good morning larry miller. we both got the running shoes on today. you need them. this is so much going on today.
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again, 95 southbound between u.s. 1 and occoquan closed as a result of a multivehicle accident involving a tractor- trailer rather -- tractor- trailer and several other vehicles. let me give you a look right now from our traffic land camera and show you the situation. traffic being able to get by just one lane. but you can see emergency crews on the scene trying to get that situation together. vdot telling us the roads are icy on that stretch of 95. so you want to be very careful if you're going to be heading out. for those of you on the beltway still keeping a crease owe on the situation on the beltway -- close eye on the situation. no issues on the beltway i should say for the most part. but a close eye on the situation at the bb parkway southbound between 410 and 202. we had several cars that got into an accident there. causing some delays. on 270 got a tweet from nicky martin who tells me that the conditions on 270 southbound are very isis. you can see -- icy. you can see here the cars are driving slow and taking their
6:22 am
time because the conditions out there just getting worse. mike, andrea, back to you. the former leader of the new york archdiocese is being remembered this morning. >> and a new report on gender equality suggests no country in the world has achieved the goal. wusa9 is back right after this. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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good morning, it's 6:24. here's some the things you may have missed in the news.
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the second day of difficult testimony in the boston marathon bombing trial. >> the most emotional moment came when bill richard's spoke about his 8-year-old son who was waiting for him at the finish line. kris van cleave has more. >> reporter: these are still images from the video shown to the jury of the moment when prosecutors say dzhokhar tsarnaev planted a pressure cooker bomb in the crowd watching the boston marathon. just feet away was the richard family. and in the background, the 21- year-old defendant in a white hat. bill richard testified he was blown into the street. his daughter jane lost her leg. and his son martin lost his life. richard told the jury -- i knew he wasn't going to make it. i saw my son barely alive for the last time. survivor rebekah gregory said facing the defendant in court helped her get past her fear. >> it's like a young little boy who had his whole life ahead of him and did this horrific thing and now he's going to spend it either in prison or you know put to death. >> reporter: the trial was
6:26 am
expected to last three to four months but is moving faster than expected because so far the defense has only cross examined one witness. this haunting photo captured joe bowman in a wheelchair being rushed away from the first blast. he lost both legs and bowman described the chilling encounter when the defendant's older brother tamerlan bumped into him. bowman says i looked at him. he wasn't having fun. bowman noticed a bag on the street and told his friend maybe we should get out of here. moments later bowman said tamerlan disappeared and then the bomb went off. testimony will resume on monday. kris van cleave, cbs news, boston. the defense has admitted tsarnaev's guilty but trying to spare his life. they say he was under the influence of his older brother. the philadelphia police department is in mourning today after the deadly shooting of one of its own. officer robert wilson iii was shot in the head during an attempted robbery of a video game store in north philadelphia. two suspects are in custody. one with gunshot wounds.
6:27 am
wilson was only 30 years old and the father of two young children. he was an eight year veteran of the force. alsod a news this morning -- sad news this morning in new york. cardinal edward egan has died of cardiac arrest. he was 82. pope john paul ii appointed him to lead the archdiocese back in 2000. he held the post during the 9/11 toe or attacks and -- terror attacks and pro sided over many of the funerals for the victims. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell plays to delay a vote now on a bill which would give congress the authority to review any nuclear deal with iran. mcconnell has called for a delay after the democrats threatened to filibuster. today on international women's day, here's something you might find very disturbing i know i did. no country has reached gender equality. -- that statement comes from the u. n. commission on the status of women. the commission estimates the average newborn girl on this date march 6th, 2015, will be
6:28 am
an 81-year-old grandmother before she has the chance as a man to become the ceo of a company. we're talking about -- [ no audio ] . it's amazing we're talking about countries that even have women as the leaders. all right look at that. beautiful. >> that is? >> what is that. >> what is that? the smallst full moon of the year, good morning and welcome back to wusa9. it is 6:28. it is a yellow alert morning. i'm andrea roane. every major school system in our region is closed today. >> we are grad you're with us, i'm -- glad yarrows, i'm mike hydeck -- with us, i'm mike hydeck, you have the option for unscheduled leave or telle work. we have a full team out there covering the aftermath of the snow for you. >> ing the d.c. is livingen -- delia goncalves is driving on local ice and snow-covered roads. >> nikki burdine is north of the district in megacounty and you see vanessa herring -- montgomery county and you see vanessa herring at the airport. >> nikki is in d.c. this morning and our entire morning team is here to help start your
6:29 am
morning. howard now with some of the latest on the bone chilling temperatures. >> the main problem though? >> the roads. >> you got it. you can answer that question. >> roads are safe. >> three more hands you know i mean -- >> a tweeting staff. >> i mean it's been hectic. earn your keep around here. you know we're talking about another accident going on right now on the beltway in silver spring. involving -- yeah. you know, and this we understand has resulted from some type of dump truck that may have lost kind of the back of it and apparently got separated and now it's causing delays on the weldway this morning. yeah, so folks it is messy out there and so in addition to that we're also talking about issues in virginia but let's start in silver spring right now. i am running over to the green screen to show you again, three lanes blocked. the inner loop of the beltway between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue this morning. now we have the traffic land camera to show you you can see
6:30 am
the delays there. traffic looks like now getting by coming down to one lane at this point. but that the a the situation ere -- is the situation we're talking agent right there causing the delays. again be careful if you're going to be driving out this morning. for those of you in virginia southbound on 95 we're talking about delays there. closed near occoquan because of a multivehicle accident in that area. and also dot a tweet from a viewer, nikki martin tells me that along 270 we can take that picture. we're talking about icy conditions. you can see cars taking it easy. so you'll definitely need to do that folks, much more on the situation and how they're changing that's coming up shortly. right now let's turn it over to allyson and see the weather. the weather is very, very cold. so those icy conditions are going to stick around for the morning hours. once the -- the sun is up but the sun will shine for the rest of the afternoon and that will help melting with the sun angle. but the. thes not getting much -- temperatures not get much ochoa
6:31 am
breather. you sue -- of a breather. not much of a fuel machine. record lows at dulles and baltimore. clear skies for today and tonight. ed tonight another round of frigid temperatures will be about 32 today. about mike, andrea, back to you. thank you allyson. well, an overnight arctic blast has turned all of that snow into sheets of ice. >> you can tell just look at the temperature on the screen here in northwest d.c.. 16 degrees. and it's only going to make it just to the freezing mark later. nikki burdine is live on connecticut avenue with how things are looking this morning after the freeze. good morning nikki. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, after the snow stopped yet we thought well our problems were going to go away along with it. well we are still having problems here in d.c.. especially if you are out driving this morning. and as you know, anytime after a big snow, those side streets are going to be a problem. let me show you this street. this is cathedral off of connecticut and we are snow packed down here in northwest and this is what most of the side streets look like when we've been driving around this morning. however, the good news is you
6:32 am
can see some black pots over there on the mid obviously the road and -- middle of the road. however be careful because that black top is still very slick. your main roads like connecticut that are very well traveled, those are getting better and better with each hour. they were almost covered this morning. when we first got out here. we've seen a lot of snow plows coming through here. and they just keep getting better. but don't be fooled. just because you can see black top there could still be some ice there. so take it slow especially when you're coming up to intersections and stoplights. be careful out there. extra cautious give yourself plenty of time. back to you in the studio. >> all right thank you nikki. now if you go out today, and as you can see the main roads and most of the highways are pretty drivable but the problem will be getting out of your street and walking along the same sidewalks nikki is showing you. >> we're in the teens now but overnight plenty of single digit temperatures around the negative windchills anything that's left over starts to turn into that crunchy you know snow -- slash ice mix. delia goncalves is live in silver spring this morning with a check on the intersections
6:33 am
out there. good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning. yes, snow/ice. i mean it's just -- it all equals a mess. and if you have sidewalks, take a look at this neighborhood off dale boulevard. clearly no sidewalks, and snow packed roads. we can see there is a homeowner here who's trying to kind of clean up dig out. and she is using her hand. good morning. hi. channel 9. how are you? how are things? are you digging out well? not a problem? all right. and the roads are looking pretty good. [ inaudible ] come on over real quick. can we talk to you? we're live right now on channel 9. let's talk to you real quick if you don't mind. what's your name ma'am? >> my name is erica somers. >> reporter: you've been shoveling and clearing snow with your hand i see but it's coming off. >> well yeah it's very light know snow. i mean i have a scraper not just with my hands. it's not a problem. >> reporter: the roads? how do you think the roads
6:34 am
look? >> well, it obviously been nowed and i think if i can get to georgia avenue i can get anywhere. i'm not planning on going out but i want to dig out the car in case i have to. i mean i can walk anywhere i need to go. i can walk to the store, i mean i'm not really worried. people here in washington seem to think that when you get the -- when you get snow like this you're going to be stuck in the house for next three weeks but you know -- >> reporter: as long as you take it slow. >> right i can walk to the metro. it's only a mile. i can do that. >> reporter: thank you ma'am i appreciate it. have an easy day. take care. take a look at the roads. snow emergency lifted at 6:00 this morning. everything is back up and running but still as you can see lots of work to do in the neighborhoods to dig out. back to you. >> do not have to be locked in for a couple of nights. get out there and do it. thank you delia. and thanks to that viewer. now a viewer hopefully. on days like this can be hit or miss. so call your airline first.
6:35 am
>> we've been on tv a long time. thousands of flights are canceled yesterday and during the storm plenty still either canceled or delayed today. vanessa herring joins us live from reagan national airport with a look at the situation this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning and the situation is certainly improving. i just saw a plane out the window take off just a few minutes ago. take a look behind me lots of people checking in with their airlines and then checking that flight board before they head on down to the terminals. there's still some sitting and waiting going on here at reagan national airport but the good news is some flights are taking off on the second day of delays and cancellations after yesterday's snowstorm. nearly 60 flights on time as of right now. 27 flights canceled. and just a been delayed but again, flights are taking off i've seen some planes getting in the air, if you're flying out of here, dulles, bway. go online and check the status of the flight. you may be waiting and you may get to your destination on time. improving here certainly. back to you in the studio.
6:36 am
>> good news. two hours late today for federal agencies. quite a few local governments the same story. the public schools are closed across the area though. check the closings at the bottom of the screen and also anytime 24/7 on our wusa9 news app. it's free and you can download it from google play and apple itunes stores. at 6:36. we want to congratulate the facebook fan of the day. craig of haymarket. he says i watch every morning to get the best news weather and information for my day. >> craig wins our final tickets to see jimmy buffett and the coral reefer band. next week fans get tickets to see angela lansbury in "blithe spirit" at national theater. just go to the facebook fan page and fill out the fan of the day form. >> right now here's howard with a quick look at the forecast. >> kind of likes like lake superior in due lot. no, that's by reagan national. record breaking this morning and we've got warmer days coming. over the weekend and next week. i'll h
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6:40 am
town. and another frigid personally record -- potentially record- breaking cold nite tonight and then temperatures start to moderate and a guilty of billion day -- golfable day next week. a likable seven day forecast in about seven minutes. not at all. a quick update on m.a.r.c. and penn, again m.a.r.c. is running on s. schedule this morning. penn trains canceled this morning. of course the vre running on s. schedule as well. fairfax connector on the weekday service and normal service in montgomery county. meanwhile skyed over the situation -- 9 over the situation on the 95 south at 123. that is in occoquan. remember a multivehicle accident there. looks like that the trucks involved in the accident are being removed to try to open up those lanes of traffic. but significant delays in that area again if you can stay home, we suggest that you do.
6:41 am
because according to reports we received from the scene, ice is all over the interstate and that stretch of the region which contributed to those delays and three other incidents that we reported on earlier this morning. now back on the beltway, we're talking about another issue dealing with dump truck there. this is on the inner loop of the beltway between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. causing more delays. i'll have another update for you very shortly. mike, andrea, back to you. we asked and you answered. you sent us all kinds of snow stories and pictures and we thank you for that. >> dogs, kids, snow people. all using the hashtag #snowday9 and the requisite patio furniture. good morning. >> into my favorite ones comes in. i love this one coming in from twitter right here. of this dog. just taking a little shelter in that car. that's from lexa. thank you so much for that photo. here's another one that is a pretty good igloo from monica.
6:42 am
i never am successful with those. so good job monica. here's another one. an adorable snow angel and that pink little snow suit from indian head. thank you so much corey for sending that in on facebook. taking a look at another two snow angels look at these eyes. >> beautiful dogs. >> seriously thank you lori for that one on twitter. here's another snowfie. snow selfie. you can barely see frisky she says, if you look in the corner of the photo there's a dog blending into the snow. that one came in on instagram. thanks so much for that one. and look at that -- the little bit of snow awesome photo right there. i believe that's shadow. hashtag #snowday9 on twitter. >> enough already is what shadow said. >> one more of the snowman and dog on twitter from our web producer amanda oda. and you can check out a lot more of these photos. i was just looking at them on the wusa9 app. so go ahead and check out our
6:43 am
gallery right there. >> very good. >> soup you are cute. >> -- super cute. >> thank you and thank you for doing it and remember still hashtag #snowday9. you can do it. a local band needs help. that story is coming up. >> and still ahead, a fortunate celebrity and lucky passengers after two plane incidents on opposite coasts. we'll explain right after this.
6:44 am
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it is 6:46. time to see what the partners at "cbs this morning" are covering. >> our friends in new york have been doing double duty both no rah and charlie on the cbs "evening news" back bright and early this morning. >> i know we are going to collapse on the set this morning. we will see how long we can last if the energizer bunny has finally run out at tend of the week, good morning to you guys. ahead amazing stories from the delta plane that slid off the runway. i was at the airport when it all happened and spoke to some of the passengers who were on
6:47 am
board. and we talk to a group of voters about their perceptions of hillary clinton and the wide ranging results. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys right at 7:00. how's the weather there today? >> cold. >> very cold. >> very cold. >> plenty of snow. tell chris -- >> i was going to just and how the roads with. icy? >> you know d.c. and what happens norah. you remember, nothing stays. >> i know. >> tell chris to get your extra shot of espresso this morning since you guys have been doing so much work. >> will do. you hear that chris? >> take care. have a great weekend. all right, 6:47. we're looking forward to the weekend. because we're going to experience a warmup. >> yeah, we're going to get finally after gosh weeks and weeks and weeks of cold, cold, cold. we're going to get an extended period of milder temperatures. >> no yellow alert. >> not maybe until tuesday. >> on the weekend. just -- >> the weekend is fine. >> no rain on my parade. >> the big thaw, the big thaw is coming. how's that? and the golfable day maybe more
6:48 am
than one but wednesday is the day. wednesday -- i think a lot of people may be just kind of taking off on wednesday. hey weather wise frigid this morning. temperatures have set some records in dulles and baltimore. we even have a few spots that have dipped below zero and andrea get back on the links and start working the driver and short game. which one? all of it she says. temperatures topping out about 34 in washington. a few of you will stay below freezing today. but with the sunshine will do a lot of melting so. the temperatures are really cold now. this is really bad with road salt. salt at 20-degrees is five times less effective at melting ice at 30 degrees and you get down in the single digits without any other chemicals in it it's pretty ini feltive as in -- ineffective as is. 1 in frederick. 1 below westminster and yeah that's a 7 below in york. lots of teens, single digits. that 10 in baltimore is a new record. dulles has been down to 10 i believe. and we were sitting at 11 right
6:49 am
now. in dulles. that's a rough one. so still record from where we have been. white oak is down to 8. got to worry about the cold but not too much wind. still a little wind. if a windchill making it feel like 2 above at reagan national at the moment. but things won't be too bad today as we said good-bye to the storm yesterday. had some totals up near fort richie and camp david. had about a foot or so cascade. maryland. here in town four to six inches and even seven i believe at the arboretum. tuesday a chance of showers and it looks like better chance south of d.c.. 34 today. should be more record cold tonight. 18 in town with a few single digits in the suburbs. tomorrow, finally, the warm up begins 46. sunday even better. near 50. don't forget clocks ahead an hour saturday night. daylight saving time begins and there's that shower threat tuesday and your golfable wednesday. larry miller, man you've been just telling us all sorts of problems today. yeah, and unfortunately it is not over just yet. we're still keeping the close
6:50 am
eye on that situation on the southbound side of 95 between u.s. 1 and occoquan. sky 9 is there. we can see that emergency crews are working to get those lanes back up and open but we understand at least from drivers there as well as police, that the -- police, that the conditions on 95 mainly on the southbound lanes are icy. so you have to be careful if you're going to be heading out in that direction. and in the meantime let's also get a look at what's going on throughout other part of the metro area. this taking place on the -- looks like the beltway excuse me. little bit of a brain part there. okay? again three lanes blocked on the inner loop of the beltway between connecticut and georgia avenue because of some type of dump truck apparently is stuck under the underpass. traffic camera shows us that traffic is squeezing by but that's the truck right there. that is causing those delays. also, if you are going to be traveling on 270 be careful with some icy conditions, just got a tweet from again nicky martin who told us that conditions there are icy. you can see drivers are taking
6:51 am
their time so you want to be particularly careful. haven't had a chance to talk about 66. i didn't forget about you. no major incidents to report right now. so if i -- if things should change obviously i'll lets you know. on metro we want to tell you how things are there on the trains. and it looks like we have some residual delays going on on the yellow line. just know of that. mike, andrea, back to you. thank you larry. who knew that snoop dogg and martha stewart have anything in common? apparently they do. both taking jabs at justin bieber with the hashtag #bieberroast. >> tommy mcfly is live in the fresh fm studios with what we can expect. who put these people together tommy? good to see you. [ no audio ] >> we're trying to get that answer from tommy, as soon as audio is a little bit trouble there and try to get back to him soon. >> i guess martha had problems. it is 6:5 the 2. the man
6:52 am
charged in five shootings in maryland is due in court today. >> and howard university will be celebrating an inauguration of its 17th president. wusa9 is back right after this. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the
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welcome back. in the news right now, imagine how scary it was for passengers on board a delta flight landing at laguardia airport. it went off the snowy runway and through a chain link fence and its nose was peeking over icy water, this was late
6:55 am
yesterday flight 1086. it was moved tot edge of the runway just feet from flushing bay when it couldn't stop. none of the 132 people on board were seriously injured they're going to figure out the cause today. actor harrison ford is recovering after crash landing his small world war ii era plane on a guilty of course in california. -- golf course in california. the 7 the-year-old was piloting the aircraft yesterday when he said he was having some engine trouble. officials believe the plane hit a tree while he was trying to return to the santa monica airport. there were no other passengers on the board and no one was injured on the ground. the man accused of five shootings in maryland including one at the nsa is due in court today. police say hong young admitted to the shootings and they happened along the connector outside a costco at arundel mills mall. a wal-mart in laurel and a theater at the columbia mall as well as in nsa building. howard university is celebrating its 148th an verse industry this week. the school was founded in march 1867. and as part of the charter day
6:56 am
commemorations, the university will inaugurate its 17th president. dr. wayne frederick has earned three degrees from howard. he worked there since 2006. as let of the cancer center -- head of the cancer center before being named to the top spot. before the sun starts doing its thing. today only about 34 in town. some 20s shortest weekend obviously the year coming up we lose that hour with the time change. but still milder and mid 40s tomorrow near 50 on sunday. and tuesday? couple of showers but it's wednesday near 60. larry? we still have delays right now on the inner loop of the beltway between again connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. as a result of a dump truck whose -- the back of it apparently hit the lynn don lane overpass. now we understand that bridge inspectors are making their way there to assess the overpass. but it's pretty serious. not only for the driver but also for those other drivers who have to use that that will be traveling in the area, take
6:57 am
it easy because reports of icy roads all over the place. "cbs this morning" is next. six sheriffs in colorado challenging the state's cannabis law. mark vasman has more on that. >> and a year after the malaysian airlines mystery, have airlines improved their technology with tracking planes? >> and we are going to be back in 25. i'll update you on the weather and larry will have the traffic. >> i think you need the app this morning. download the wusa9 app. >> we'll be back about 25 minutes with the update. take care everybody. >> have a great week
6:58 am
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good morning. it is friday march 6th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an out-of-control jetliner nearly plunged into an icy bay. passengers tell us how they were just feet from disaster. harrison ford undergoes surgery after crashing his private plane on a california golf course. we're live at the scene. and only on "cbs this morning," an american woman imprisoned for months in asia talks about her ordeal behind bars. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. we were literally five six feet away. >> you were that close to the water.


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